Meet the Team

Music Teacher

Jay Ybarra is an accomplished musician and artist. He has played guitar with his sons in his band Jando througout the greater Houston area and for private events for the past twelve years. He has taught music to all ages and to those of all experience levels for several years. His strengths come in teaching students reading, technique, coordination, and theory. Students will learn not just how to play music, but will understand it as well.

Jay Ybarra
Jay Ybarra

Art Teacher

Jay Ybarra is a gifted artist that enjoys finding beauty in everything around him. After a year of painting, decided to open the studio and gallery they now own. He offers several adult and kids group art classes as well as private lessons. Students learn fine art techniques in a positive and uplifting way. He has been painting for the past eight years and has already hung in several galleries nation wide as well as in private collections across the globe. He showcases his art at his gallery and at art shows across Texas where he sells a variety of subjects. You can find him painting anything from animals, to dancers, to fan art. He also offers live wedding paintings, tattooing, pet portraits, commissions, music lessons, sculptures, and fine art photography.